We prepare comprehensive illustrations to help investors and advisors understand possible cash flows and investment performances.  Additionally, we examine the subjective factors such as vacancy rates, neighborhoods, school ratings, and other variables that influence real estate investing and real estate performance.  Our analysis works with everything from single family residential properties to multifamily and commercial real estate.  Today we use the award winning Advanced Property Analysis software as the cornerstone of our reports. Our team will help you evaluate which properties could bring you the most investment success, and we can help you decide whether to sell or hold an existing property.  Call or email us today to discuss your situation and circumstances.

About Our Real Estate Valuation and Property investment Analysis

‚ÄčIn 1987 we started working with investors, developers, property managers, real estate brokers and real estate agents to analyze real estate investments. We developed a program that these professionals could use to assist clients with their decision to buy or hold real estate investments.  Since then we have continuously modified our program to add more and more tools to help investors make better decisions and advisors better assist their clients. 

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